About Us

We are Finished Carpenter.professional coursework help we have been for more than 8 years. I help people bring true elegance & beautify their homes.  I learned this trade in California. and have completed many projects from, condos, houses to mansions.  I do it in NYC, which isn’t the easiest place to build a business, but it’s getting better. I love our work.  Ben Tifa and I are the CEOs of this great company.
I also am a husband and a father of 2 kids And it isn’t the easiest place to raise a family either. But it’s getting better too. I love my family more than my work.  They are my highest achievement in life and it is a true privilege to be a dad that I don’t take for granted.
I also love music, art, biking, playing with my custom writtings kids, hanging out with my awesome wife and of course learning the ropes of marketing. That’s a lot of interests for a guy who works 70 hours a week and loves his family. But I manage to make it work.